New Jersey Employment Laws Aim to Protect You From Harassment and Discrimination

Many New Jersey workers don’t know what laws protect them from harassment and discrimination at work.

And while, hopefully, you don’t have to worry about those issues because your bosses and company follow the law, it often happens that employees’ rights are violated. That’s when you’ll need to consult with New Jersey Employment Lawyers to determine the best course of action to combat these injustices.The New Jersey Law Against Discrimination makes in unlawful to treat people differently based on many factors, including race, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, physical ability and age.

The state allows for people to file discrimination complaints with the Division on Civil Rights, which must be done within 180 days of the alleged act of discrimination. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission also can help employees by providing support and direction in discrimination claims, and requires a filing within 300 days of the act of discrimination.

While filing complaints with state and federal agencies can be helpful in your quest for justice, they are often slow-moving and have thousands of cases to review, moving your case sometimes to the bottom of the pile. Another reason why it’s a good idea to consult with an experienced New Jersey discrimination law attorney.

The New Jersey Law Against Discrimination also prohibits harassment based on race, sex or nationality. That means you can’t be subjected to unwelcome sexual advances, touching or sexually explicit materials in the workplace. This area of harassment comes in many forms, but it’s usually obvious to the person being harassed. Don’t be intimidated by this pressure and succumb to the person doing the harassing. Consult with an experienced employment attorney capable of fighting what is going on in your office or at your job.

While New Jersey law prohibits employment discrimination, it has become fairly common. Statistics from the EEOC indicate that in the last fiscal year, there were nearly 100,000 claims of discrimination. That’s an increase of 24 percent since 2000. Nearly 65 percent were based on race or gender.

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