3M Settles Age Bias Claim With $3 Million Check For Employees in New Jersey, Nationwide

Corporate giant 3M came to an agreement recently to pay $3 million to several hundred ex-workers who said the company discriminated based on age, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission reports.

Age discrimination in New Jersey can affect workers and families when employers make decisions about hiring, firing and promotions based on factors other than qualifications and job performance. It can also apply to whether or not a person gets training opportunities, fringe benefits or other benefits of a job.If you face discrimination on the job and you believe it is based on your age, don’t hesitate to contact an experienced New Jersey Employment Lawyer who can assess your situation and determine what action can be taken. Facing discrimination is wrong, but it can happen to anyone, in any profession.

3M may best be known for its Post-It notes, adhesive tape and insulation products. But most recently, it has been known as a company that shuns older workers.

According to the EEOC, the company recently agreed to pay out $3 million to workers older than 45 that it laid off between 2003 and 2006. A lawsuit against the company alleged it fired many high-paid older employees and directed its leaders to train younger workers as replacements.

The EEOC’s investigation found an e-mail from the former chief executive that stated the company should be “developing 30-year-olds with General Manager potential.”

As part of the settlement, the company will pay out $3 million to 290 former employees and it must provide training to avoid age discrimination by managers and supervisors. There must also be a termination decision process review. The settlement still requires approval by a federal judge.

Two separate lawsuits, filed on behalf of thousands of other employees settled in April for $12 million. Those who benefited under those lawsuits aren’t eligible for the EEOC settlement. 3M denies any wrongdoing, but said the company agreed to the settlement to put an end to it incurring any more legal costs.

While most companies would like their younger employees to one day become strong managers who can lead the business in the future, a corporation can’t simply terminate hundreds of older employees because they make good salaries after having dedicated decades of their lives to making the business a success.

That shows a systematic choice to discriminate based on age and it cannot be tolerated. Older employees sometimes get a bad reputation for not being willing to use new technology or being unable to adapt to current trends in business, but they can’t be denied an opportunity to prove themselves.

Sometimes these injustices require a lawsuit in order to make sure companies comply with the laws of the state and nation, and to compensate workers who have been harmed. New Jersey and New York both have laws which prohibit all forms of discrimination, including age. Workers should be judged based on their skills and not simply on how old they are.

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